West Ham Handed Boost In Race To Re-Sign Moyes

With Moyes shutting down and postponing any talks about re-signing or leaving West Ham until the end of the season, the only realistic exit for him was just closed. Sky Sports is reporting that Alex McLeish, former manager of Rangers, Birmingham City, Aston Villa and Nottingham Forest, will retake his previous role as Scotland’s national team manager.

With Scotland having a disappointing qualification for the 2018 World Cup and eventually missing out on the competition, speculation swirled around Moyes to take up the mantle of National team manager. After a previous, short stint of thirteen games in charge of Scotland, McLeish proved effective with a 7-0-3 record. Replacing Malky MacKay (caretaker manager, 0-0-1 record) and Gordon Strachan (19-9-12), McLeish will have to give a major makeover to the squad and management team in order to prepare for Euro 2020. Qualifying competitions will take place between March-November in 2019.

Moyes looked poised to take the Scottish manager position, especially with the selection of Billy McKinlay, fellow Scot, to his coaching team at West Ham. It seemed all too perfect for Scotland as Moyes and McKinlay would have made a formidable baseline to rebuild the national team from management out, however both will likely now remain at West Ham.

Now, the tryout term for Moyes seems likely to be extended for the two year option by the club. His success, while not completed yet, currently has West Ham playing in a functional formation that has them well beyond the target spot of 17th (not in the relegation zone). Currently sitting in twelfth, West Ham should be able to push on from this news and hopefully this will consolidate the squad under the news adjacent to their manager.

Snodgrass anyone??

Come On You Irons!


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