West Ham’s Shaky Future Wastes Moyes’ International Break

With their Premier lives hanging in the balance, West Ham United are stuck waiting for the international break to be over rather than taking advantage of their time off ahead of the off season.

Normally the international break would see management and ownership teams spectating lower league play and the actual international friendlies to look over transfer window targets in rare out of league action. For Moyes, he doesn’t know what league he will be managing in, and if he will have a job at all for the following season.

Moyes has stated multiple times that he isn’t revisiting contract talks until the end of the season, as his job is yet to be done. These questions have dyed down in frequency seeing as his table position has gone from ‘mid-table success’ to ‘we need to beat Southampton to stay in the Premier League’ in a matter of weeks. Regardless of position Moyes has also stated he is preparing for next season’s transfers now.

So, maybe he has some vested interest in the international break but it seems unlikely to me. My assumption is he’ll go to Portugal’s game to look at William Carvalho… again, and deny he was there for him. This would be ridiculous too, considering there is no way he would come to a Championship side in England.

So what does Moyes have to do during this break? Hopefully reevaluate his squad, look at changing a formation, and devising individual game tactics to maximize the remaining games left this season to secure Premier League safety.




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